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Gain Investment Insights and Invaluable Trading Strategies from the Arete Trading Academy

With Arete, you will learn consistent, profitable trading practices. From shorts, limits, to futures,  our community is built on taking your trading ability to peak excellence. I founded Arete Trading after 25 years in the industry to pass on what I’ve learned to aspiring traders. From working my way up through the world’s heavyweight trading firms to managing my own Long/Short U.S equity hedge fund, I’ve seen everything the business has to offer.


Here’s How Arete Trading Can Help You Take Your Trade to a New Level of Excellence

Get Options Alerts

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Long Term Trading Stocks

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Constant Updates Throughout The Day

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Day Trader Alerts

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Room Channels

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Private Daily Info Grabs Before the Open

Private educational workshops 3x a week

Daily premarket newsletters/reports

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Comprehensive Market Reports 3X a Week

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Join Arete Elite

$199/ Month

NOW $125 /Month

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